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ESOL Introduction

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): The term ESOL is generally used when describing programs outside of a PK-12 setting that are designed for ELLs who seek proficiency in social and academic language; ESOL programs, which may also be referred to as English as a Second Language programs, generally teach basic grammar, vocabulary and colloquial terms and phrases to ELLs in a community college, community program, or online program setting. However, states like Florida utilize the ESOL title to describe its academic endorsement for public school teachers and it is commonly used interchangeably with ESL and TESL.

How does my child qualify for ESOL ?

1.Students are identified during enrollment by a PHLOTE form (primary home language other than English)

2. Two key questions located on the registration form:

3.Is a language other than English used in the home?

4.Does the student speak a language other than English?

5.A program designed to help students that speak another language other than English

6.Students in K-3 have one segment of ESOL for 30 minutes per day.

7.Students in grades 4-5 can have up one segment for 30- 40 minutes per day.

8.Gwinnett Schools serve English language learners using two models: Direct or Consultative

What Goes on in ESOL?

1.Students are provided with opportunities to work in a small group setting in the ESOL room or in the regular classroom (push-in).

2. Students are provided with a variety of language supports from the ESOL teacher such as:

Real-life objects

Pictures & photographs

Use of illustrations, diagrams, & drawings

Use of audio books

How is my child graded?

ESOL is a service and not a class that gives grades; however, the ESOL teacher works closely with the student’s homeroom teacher to support their academic knowledge and language.

Teachers may give accommodations on standardized tests and make modifications on assignments for a child that may be having a hard time with academic content- ELL modification plan/Testing Participation Plan

Students work on the same concepts in ESOL that are given in the child’s homeroom class.

Cambridge ESOL Collection for students


Download Sample Pages


English Vacabulary


Download Esol Skill


Download Esol Skill


Download English

Cambridge English: ESOL Skills for Life qualifications are available at five levels on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) – Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2.

ESOL Test Format

There are three modes at each level – Reading, Writing, and combined Speaking and Listening.

You decide if you want to take one or more of these tests. You can also choose to take the modes at different levels within the same exam session if you are better at some skills than others. This means you can build up a portfolio of achievement.

If you achieve a Pass in all three modes, you will receive a ‘Level’ certificate, which will be issued at the lowest level of successful achievement across the modes you have taken.

These Level certificates are:

Cambridge English Entry Level Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (Entry 1) (QCF)

Cambridge English Entry Level Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (Entry 2) (QCF)

Cambridge English Entry Level Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (Entry 3) (QCF)

Cambridge English Level 1 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (QCF)

Cambridge English Level 2 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (QCF)

Mode Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1 Level 2
Reading 50 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 15 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes
Writing 40 minutes 50 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 15 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes
Speaking and Listening 16–18 minutes 18-20 minutes 22 minutes 24 minutes 26 minutes

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